27Jul 2017

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 26, 2017 – The Cleveland Cord Blood Center has expanded umbilical cord blood collection to the West Coast with the addition of Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center as a center for donation and collection. The hospital became the first in the city to provide expectant parents with the opportunity to […]

04Jun 2020

CLEVELAND, Ohio – June 4, 2020 – The Cleveland Cord Blood Center is pleased to announce that Jonathan D. Kenyon, Ph.D., has joined the organization’s research staff. Dr. Kenyon will lead the center’s ongoing research exploring the application of umbilical cord blood-derived iTreg cells for the prevention and treatment of diabetic retinopathy. The project is one of several spearheaded by […]

16Jun 2020

CLEVELAND, Ohio – June 15, 2020 – The Cleveland Cord Blood Center is pleased to announce that Barbara Drobney has joined the organization’s board of directors. As a member of the board, Drobney, who is the Director of Finance for Lifebanc, will focus on the organization’s next generation contributions to the life-giving and lifesaving potential that cord […]