Cleveland Cord Blood Center’s newest collection site at the Kaiser Permanente San Leandro Medical Center was selected to enhance the diversity of the CCBC cord blood inventory. From its launch in June 2021 through the end of September 2021, 68 umbilical cord blood units have been collected and stored as a result of the generous and thoughtful parents who chose to donate their baby’s umbilical cord blood.

The launch of the program was celebrated in the community with press coverage from local newspapers and radio. Confirming the projection that the new site would contribute to the overall diversity of CCBC’s bank, 22 of the collected units have been Asian, 16 have been Hispanic, and 12 were multiracial.

“We are very happy with our progress so far,” said JoAnn Chase, CCBC’s Hospital Liaison to Kaiser Permanente San Leandro Medical Center. “The overall enthusiasm at this collection site is inspiring.”