Taking the lifesaving work of cord blood to the next level

Mary J. Laughlin, M.D. established the Cleveland Cord Blood Center (CCBC) in 2008 in recognition of the growing role of stem-cell rich umbilical cord blood for transplantation in patients with life threatening disorders such as leukemia, lymphoma and immune system disorders. Dr. Laughlin, who performed one of the world’s first successful umbilical cord blood stem cell transplants on an adult leukemia patient in 1995, launched the public cord blood bank with the commitment to serve the unmet needs of a diverse population for whom well-matched stem cell grafts are not generally available in the adult donor registry.

Fast Facts

  • The center’s cord blood collection sites have grown to include hospitals in Atlanta, Cleveland and San Francisco.
  • Cord blood units have been distributed to transplant centers throughout the United States and 17 countries.
  • One of eight nationally licensed cord blood banks, having been granted a biologics license in 2016 from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for CLEVECORD™, a stem cell product derived from umbilical cord blood for use in stem cell transplants)
  • CCBC researchers have been exploring the use of cord blood-derived cells as regenerative cell therapies to address unmet medical needs in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and those with wound healing issues

Cell Therapy Incubator

In the rapidly advancing cellular therapy industry, Cleveland Cord Blood Center’s new Cell Therapy Incubator (CTI) is designed to help move innovative cellular therapy products from Research & Development to FDA approval. Services are designed to help developers of cell-based therapies in regenerative medicine reach the critical milestones needed to accomplish clinical proof of concept for safety and efficacy of dosing, dose formulation and regimens.